When you can help,
You help,
That’s the Irish way.

Our brand is a modern expression of lifting the human spirit one Sláinte moment at a time. Of celebrating the connections we have and creating new connections where there were none before. Of enabling people to celebrate humanity by giving them the opportunity to lift, support and connect to each other.

“This brand had an auspicious start,” founder Liev Schreiber notes, “it began with an act of charity. The cask of insanely delicious 18 year old single malt that Richard donated to BlueCheck was completely unexpected and hopefully the beginning of something we will be doing for many years. I love the idea of building a brand that stands by its commitment to bring people together in more ways than one.”

Sláinte, the Gaelic for ‘cheers’, is much more than just a toast, Davies says. “It means to your health, your sense of wellbeing. Sláinte is trying to take a global approach to that idea of caring. To reaching out a helping hand to others. I guess that’s the point of being a purpose-led brand, to have the spirit of the brand reflect the warmth and quality of the spirit.

SLÁINTE Irish whiskey donates 100% of the proceeds of our limited edition 18 year old single malt to BlueCheck.

That’s why, when the humanitarian crisis began, Ireland opened its doors to more than 40,000 refugees.

Ireland set an example for the world, accepting thousands of refugees, finding them food and shelter, clothing, jobs and visas — helping them to settle into their new country, whether temporarily or permanently.

There are only 280 bottles of this special whiskey in existence, but we have the opportunity to use them to create meaningful, long-lasting change and to fuel the engines of progress.

Every penny raised from the sale of these precious bottles directly helps BlueCheck in its humanitarian efforts.

That’s why the Irish Ambassador let us debut our BlueCheck bottle at his leaving party!

At his leaving party, outgoing Irish Ambassador to the U.S., Daniel Mulhall spoke with BlueCheck co-founder Liev Schreiber, signed a few bottles of this special BlueCheck Slainte, and shared a toast to the idea of helping when you can and however you can. He was toasted by Liev with a bottle of this wonderful spirit to celebrate his spirit.

That’s why BlueCheck exists.

BlueCheck fast-tracks financial support to NGOs and aid projects that are providing life-saving and critical humanitarian work in the hardest hit regions of the country.

Launched in March 2022, BlueCheck is a collective of humanitarian crisis response experts, entrepreneurs, and filmmakers with decades of experience addressing the needs of conflict-affected populations and documenting solidarity movements countering oppression.

The teams they work with provide independent oversight, due diligence, research, and action insights.

Each of these grassroots emergency efforts demands immediate support from donors outside the country and BlueCheck helps make that happen.

We’re going to keep on
donating. You should, too.

The limited edition 18 year old will be gone soon, but our multi-award winning “Smooth Blend” will be around for a long time, and we’re donating $1 from every bottle sold to help the humanitarian efforts of BlueCheck.