Our Ethos

At Sláinte, we believe that human beings can be profoundly connected by our shared dreams: the dreams to be loved, to belong, to prosper, to help others, and even to achieve greatness.

Our brand promotes Irish optimism, inclusion, unity and friendship as we celebrate life’s journey together sharing moments and events that promote unity and friendship.

Our brand gives of itself in the spirit of the culture from which it’s born. We give back proceeds from every sale to funds that help aid humanitarian efforts around the world. We lift humanity by celebrating positivity through real moments of love, unity, belonging, safety, respect, equity, and trust.

Sláinte is the spirit of belonging to a shared community that recognizes our collective richness and cultural diversity. Our ambition is to be the ‘go to’ Irish whiskey for your ‘Sláinte’ moment, your moment of connection.

The Process

Our next-generation, award-winning whiskey blend was developed alongside a Master Distiller at the Great Northern Distillery, which has redefined Irish grain & single malts. Sláinte is triple-barreled, tripled-distilled, and aged in bourbon casks for a warmer, more sophisticated golden goodness in your glass. We’ve already gained world-wide recognition for our signature Irish Whiskey blend, winning many gold and double gold awards over the past couple of years.

The process of producing our Smooth Blend is specifically engineered for Sláinte. The malt is sourced from independent French farms in mid-Burgundy. Our proprietary blend of single grain and single malt produces a unique product which is then hand-finished and bottled by us to create this exceptional Award-Winning Irish Whiskey.

With the ability to source our products directly, we have the freedom and flexibility to work very closely with any distillery in Ireland; working alongside master distillers and producers to bring to market the best distilled, best aged and best value blended Irish whiskeys anywhere.

Our Smooth Blend will always be at the forefront of our products, but the limited edition small-batch of aged XO whiskeys create a delightful diversity of offerings that excites us and our consumers.